Adam Schiff Standard Hotel

Something non standard in west hollywood. By the way did you know the general manager of the standard hotel in west hollywood where pieczenik says adam schiff was compromised in pedophilia was killed in a helicopter crash on january 30 2018.

President Trump Calls Out Adam Schiff Over His Secret Meeting With

The standard hotel was depicted in kubrick s movie the shining as the overlook hotel.

Adam schiff standard hotel. Adam schiff tied to a pedo ring and the standard hotel connection feb 03 2018. All this might explain adam s deer in the headlights eyes. The mysterious qanon has been doing intel drops for months.

A few minutes later qanon suggested that schiff had an unspecified problematic relationship with something that happened at the standard hotel such that schiff s attempt to block and counter the release of the nunes memo was schiff s unspecified repayment perhaps for covering up whatever it was that happened at the hotel. Nothing would surprise me. This is a red pill news interview of johnheretohelp who exposes liddle kidz foundation and shares what anthony bordain witnessed liddle adam schiff doing in his hillside bungalow at the standard hotel chateau marmont which was caught on video.

Pedobear in fact the standard has been overlooked many. Qanon fingers the standard hotel and adam schiff. Listen from 20 min 52 sec to 33 min 6 sec.

Schiff is also connected with helicopter crash killing 3 executives of standard hotel. Just look at any recent photo or tv appearance. Adam schiff did some stuff connected with the standard hotel in la that was covered up and he is repaying the favor by trying to cover up the helicopter crash that killed 3 individuals connected with the hotel one connected to the archdiocese of miami.

Posted on february 4 2018 by fromthefirstorder. Published on feb 1 2018. The standard hotel in in adam schiff s district.

Was she killed to protect schiff s dirty little secrets. Q anon posts have suggested that adam schiff had some relation to the helicopter that crashed into a residential neighborhood. Illuminati rothschild agent adam schiff was compromised in acts of pedophilia at the standard hotel with hillary clinton spirit cooker marina abromovic according to steve pieczenik in the video above.

Jeffrey epsteain didn t kill himself read more. Did she have information on adam schiff. Get this information everywhere patriots and make sure to tweet it to trump potus and realdonaldtrump as well.

The victims were related to standard hotel. Q anon standard hotel adam schiff helicopter crash. In one of the more recent posts california democrat adam schiff is linked to alleged criminal activity at the standard hotel and a recent newport beach ca helicopter crash.

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